The Latest Gossip from Kardashian Land

The New Year is here and Kim Kardashian hasn’t had it enough! She likes courting controversies and arousing strong emotions and feelings from his followers all over the social platform. Kim is simply living in her own world and if you thought showing off her beautiful round ass and sensational cleavage was her last, then you are wrong! Here is what is currently going viral about Kim Kardashian. 
Golden cleavage!

The famed sex tape star cannot wait to find a single moment of chance to steal the show with her big breasts. This was evidenced in the Big Apple last night while in company of her husband, Kanye West. The couple popularly known as Kimye joined a celebrity packed meal as they celebrated John Legend’s 36th birthday where Kim was spotted showing off her sexy cleavage.
Troubled Kim!

This time round, it’s not all about making the usual headlines. Kim has revealed a big trouble causing her sleepless nights! On January 10, she revealed of her difficulties conceiving a second child. "It has been more challenging to get pregnant the second time.", she told the newspaper. She further continued, "when you’re not planning it, it happens. It’s just how God works." The reality star has confessed how desperate she is to become pregnant for the second time.

Family life

Maybe another thing you never knew about Kim is how obsessed she is to Kanye West. She has revealed that she would rather spend out time alone with her husband than go out partying! "we’ll be at a party, and it might seem like the best party, and we’re whispering to each other: 'Let’s just go home', because we want some alone time.", she said. You might as well think that Kim Kardashian would wish her daughter to emulate her. Though she is a self made reality star, she revealed how she wish North could have a little more privacy in her life.

Excellent career 

From the way Kim’s career is going, it seems she is nearing nowhere to her last days as a celebrity. Kim has already graced the cover of Vogue Australia’s February issue which is already selling in the market. She posed for beach line photo shoot out on the coastline of the New South Wales having her perfect curves covered by a selection of classy dresses.

Unique outfits 

The princess of reality show stunned many people recently during the celebration of John Legend’s birthday when she appeared dressed in a unique style. Kim dropped her usual fitting clothes for loose black clothes. In another occasion, she was recently spotted in the airport dressed in a Wolford dress and a fur coat. She was also wearing Balmain boots and a Prada bra top over her Wolford dress. This new sense of style was a continuation of the previous surprise where she appeared comfortably wearing a Cat’s Pyjamas in the A W magazine event. Kim is really amazing and she won’t lack a thing to put her in the limelight! But if for sure there is one great thing she always entertains, then it is showing off her cleavage. She was caught on camera showing off part of her cleavage while stepping out for lunch at A.O.C on Saturday in West Hollywood.