The Kim Kardashian Rise To Fame

Kim Kardashian and Her Rise to Fame

She is probably receiving love and hate in equal measures for the way she rose to her current status, famous. It may be ironic and even more surprising that the now famous and sexy Kim Kardashian meteorically rose to fame, thanks to what is globally known as the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Without any slight doubt, this is what catapulted Kim Kardashian to a household name and gave her the much needed breakthrough. The Kim Kardashian sex tape is a rather infamous sex tape that was made between Kim and her former boyfriend, rapper Ray J. Here is a look at Kim Kardashian who is the true definition of rising to fame against all odds.

Life before the Infamous Sex Tape

Projecting that Kim Kardashian rose from humble beginnings would be a clear-cut and unworthy lie. The truth is, she came from a well-off background and was always surrounded with money, which came with a certain social status in Los Angeles. This gave her the proximity of socializing with well-to-do people, hence having the seeds of fame, fortune and good life planted in her early. She was born Kimberly Noel Kardashian and is the second born to Robert Kardashian and her also famous mother Kris Jenner. Her father, Robert Kardashian, rose to fame in the mid 1990s as the powerful defense attorney to sports and movie celebrity O.J. Simpson who was on trial for the murder of his wife. This is not the end of the famous beginning of Kim Kardashian. After her mother, Kris Jenner, divorced her biological father, Kim's mother married another household name, Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner.

The Socialite Lifestyle

The above insights show that Kim Kardashian had a privileged life that many of us only dream of. This enabled her to have high profile friends such as Paris Hilton who introduced her to the socialite scene. Nevertheless, it was the now infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape that thrust her into the worldwide limelight. This was after a private sex video between her and her former boyfriend Ray J. was leaked to the public through Vivid Entertainment. Kim was involved in a high profile court proceeding with Vivid Entertainment who are said to have awarded her with a $5 million dollar settlement. It was after this notorious sex video that Kim Kardashian started facing fierce criticism, disparaging and distasteful remarks, constant scrutiny, as well as being the main subject all over the tabloids. Rumors even had it that she played some role in the leakage of the sex tape so as to get the showbiz breakthrough, which she had always wanted. Even though these allegations of publicity stunts have not been confirmed, Kim Kardashian was branded the sex tape star by her many critics.

Kardashian Becoming a Brand

To many people's surprise, it was this infamous sex tape that introduced the Kardashian brand. It took just a few months after the Kim Kardashian sex tape for the formation of a reality television series known as Keeping up with the Kardashians, which was aired on E!, to follow the lives and activities of the Kardashian family. The reality show turned Kim Kardashian into the highest paid reality TV star, the most sought after endorser, a fashion guru, as well as giving her entire family members celebrity status.
Since the infamous sex tape, which was the beginning of her fame, Kim Kardashian has been involved in many high profile cases and even holds a record for being married and divorcing after 72 days. All the same, she has weathered all the media storm, scrutiny and criticism to become successful in terms of finances and publicity. Her amazingly shaped derriere and sexy figure has always drawn both public and media interest.